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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Resurrection Band - All Your Life (Demos 1973)

Thanks to Life TheLiving for this one:
Download Here:
All Your Life


Matt said...

This demo actually isn't All Your Life. It got mislabeled as All Your Life a long time ago on some forum - I tried back then to get the poster to correct it, but he refused. Someone that actually even owned All Your Life came on and said that this is not it. But now everyone thinks it is. All Your Life is all acoustic folk:

Marty said...

ya its the 1976 demo -marty jpusa/grrr records

Silver Fang said...

Actually I can't find an uncontested listing for either "All Your Life" or "Music to Raise the Dead" that matches the track listing here... I checked wikipedia, not much help there. Anyone have any corrections / suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Flipsidemn, you need to at least change this listing to "1976 Demos". If you search Glenn Kaiser on wikipedia you will find info for both 1974 cassettes. That info shows that these demos are not from 1974. The 1976 designation makes a lot more sense. Why spread incorrect information. I listed the 76 Demos at first as 73 demos. I have now changed it to 76 Demos.