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Saturday, October 17, 2009

IM STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I have not posted lately but we have moved again. And with work being very busy. But good news I will be posting in the next few day. God Bless To All, Johnny

Monday, October 5, 2009

Man From Galilee - Various Artist

Thanks to Andrew Hunt for this great find.

You can download at: Man From Galilee

It is a various artist compilation. As follows:

1. Man From Galilee - Bro. Marshall
2. Man Of Calvary - The Marvetts
3. Jesus Gave The Water - The Cordets
4. Amen - The Brentford Choir
5. The Battle May Be Long - The Marvetts
6. Take A Walk To Heaven - Enid Cumberland
7. Don't Make Me Fail - The Creary Sisters
8. Shining Light - The Gospel Singers
9. I Need Jesus - Roy & Enid
10. Don't Forget To Pray - Thriumphant Singers
11. Salvation Story - The Marvetts
12. It Soon Be Done - Bro. Marshall
13. One Day - Minstrals Five
14. I'll Soon Be Home - Thriumphant Singers
15. Take Yourself TO Jesus - Ken Boothe
16. Who Make The Stars Shine - The Creary Sisters

That's It.

The only artist I heard outside this comp is Ken Boothe.

Take care and enjoy,