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Thanks, Johnny

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mike Stand - Do I stand Alone

Mike Stand - Simple Expression

Thanks to D Lo. for this one,
you can download at:

Vector - Please Stand By

Vector - Simple Experience

Vector - Temptation

Another Great one from Bill C.
Download at: Temptation

Lifesavers - Kiss Of Life

The Cross And The Switchblade (Soundtrack)

Hank Laake - Life And Death

Hank Laake - In The Spirit Of The King

This is a little ruff in some spots but over all injoyable:

David Meece - 7

Mehler-Field Band '92

john mehler "Back In Love"


Pyramid Breakfast - Written Just For Me


Does anybody remember this one from Daniel Amos?

BattleCry - Red White and Blue

Steve Scott "Love In The Western World "

Third Day - S/T Tunesmith Records

John Mehler - Bow and Arrow

Here injoy the drummer from LOVE SONG:

The Last Adam - The Last Adam

Here another great band from the 70's injoy. for this album Please go to heavenly grooves web site at

NorthBound / NorthBound

Up dated to 320 bet rate so you can download at: North Bound

Andrea Crouch " I've Got Confidence "

First Strike - Rock Of Offense

Here's to all those fan that have been looking for this great album enjoy.

Monday, August 23, 2010

David And The Giants - David And The Giants

Somebody sent the info for a new link, you can download at:

Rick Cua - Midnight Sun

Chris Taylor of Love Coma....

Thanks for Dylan for this.. Download at:

Love Coma - Language of Fools

Thanks to Dylan for this album, Download at:

Love Coma - Soul Rash

Thanks to Dylan for this album, Download at:

DeGarmo and Key - Straight On

Thanks to TopekaRoy for the new link,
Download at :

Terms of Peace - Thunder Cracks

Thanks for Matt for this one, download at

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Micheal Been of The Call Remembered

As some of you know Micheal Been has passed away. David over at The Greatest Christian Albums of All Time, has a very nice write up on him. click the link and give it a read it's very nice. Thanks for the write up David, Johnny

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I came across this pic and thought it was funny. But anyway just wanted to give you a update.
yes I'm back and will be posting again. Plus I would like to THANK YOU ALL for your prayer for my Dad. He is doing much better but still has the psoriasis going on. And that seems to be getting worse. So if you can keep praying for that. Thanks, Johnny

77s - 77s

One of the best albums ever, I was to take link down so thats what happened, so go to their site. Thanks, johnny
You can more info: at their web-site on how to get.