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Tuesday, August 31, 2010



The Rev. said...


This is Craig "Sugar Bear" Donofrio, the former Bass player and leader Modern Mission.

How funny to see this online. I have always been curious is anyone ever uploaded our stuff.

I'm glad someone did - enjoy the tunes - they're a little goofy now that I look back, but they were ours, so what the heck.

If anyone is curious what I'm up to these days, check out and or

Yes, Sugar Bear is now a Lutheran pastor - who knew?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved this album... I'm back in 1986 all over again! Did this make it's way to CD? Did you guys ever have a second album? Such a great band and sound to just disappear!!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice. I remember "Never Let Me Go" being a hit on the CCM radio station in our area. This still sounds good.

lloyd said...

what year did this come out?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sugar Bear! I will check out your websites as well as download this great album.