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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Danny Lee And The Children Of Truth - Essence

1974 Impact Records
Get In Touch With The Savior
Wrapped Up
Jesus (He Is The Son Of God)
Sweeter Than
Don't Knock My Love ('Til You Tried It)
What Have You Got To Lose
God's Mighty Peace
Little Flowers
Came My Way
Let Him In Today

Download Here:

Trinity - Jesus when the Sun Goes Down

1973 Living Waters Records

When JESUS comes again 
The quiet Dude 
Here so serene 
Song of the sea 
Harvester's song 
Come to me 
The fisherman 
Automobile song 
Children of darkness

Download Here: 

Boys Club - Demo's

Boys Club - Gym is the one on the left; Rod Learned, the drummer is next; Sim is in the hat; Fred Mac Gregor (bass); and on the right, Jeff Sheets, the keyboardist.
Thanks to Tim he said he found it on net.

Cd #1
1. Never Been Here
2. I Love You
3. Whisper
4. Satisfied
5. Hungry For You
6. Kingdom Come
7. Once Is Never Enough
8. Betrayed
9. Passion On Parade
10. Love And Hate

Cd #2

1. You And I
2. Love Game
3. Land Of Luxury
4. Hope It Never Comes To This Again
5. Here Comes The Fire
6. Time
7. Used To Be
8. White Room
9. We Ride
10. Light Of Day
11. House Of The Rising Sun
12. Crazy

Download here:  Demo Real One
Download here: Demo Real Two

Thanks to daddy-o for the info:
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Can Anyone Name This Band or Artist?

I know it's been awhile since I have posted, But I will again soon. But til then I saw this posting on Facebook. Can anybody name the person or Band he is talking about?

In the 80's there was a Christian Singer, He was a (i guess) satire of Boy George. His name I think was "Lad Bob." (not sure of that) 
He may of had just one album, He looked like Shemp Howard in a wig. Anyone have a clue who I am talking about?

The picture I got of the net, and did not permission to use it. But hope it's ok

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Passing of a Dear Friend... Chris Daniel

It is with great sadness to hear that a great fiend Chris Daniel has passed away. A person that a lot of us have meet because of our love of Christian Music. Chris had started his blog  Old Christian Music about a year after I started mine. I remember he would ask me a lot of questions about posting. We had a lot fun doing the blogs, he had such a love for Christian Music. He will be very missed here on the net with his blog. I know he brought a lot of joy to people with his blog. I for one will miss him, but I know he is up in Heaven having a blast. I can see him now rocking out with all of the great artists that went before him. We love and miss you Chris.. Until the day we meet face to face my friend..

Here is a video Chris did playing a song from one of his favorite bands.
click below to watch.