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Friday, March 23, 2012


Ok first off I'm still here don't know for how long. We have been seeing a lot of site being taking down. Two great ones come to mind. And I don't see why they were taking down. One of them is one of the reason I started mine, The Ancient Star-Song. I would just like to say Thank you to him over there for the great music over the years. And to Electric Psalms also, I had gotten a lot of out print from him. It's a shame they got taking down. Especially do to the fact they felt the same way this site does, Support the artist. And only post stuff that is out print. Are if a artists has there stuff for sell, We would let people know. I myself and them have posted links to where you can buy the music from them. Same thing is done if it been or is going to be re-release we post a link. Support the artists go to their sites and buy their stuff. For some of them that's how they make their living. So as time goes by there will be links that are no longer good. There have been a lot of re-issues lately so those link will be taking down. (note: that's one reason for starting the new site it makes cleaning easier ) As some you know there are alot of link on this site that no longer work. For that simple reason alone, plus sites I use to upload to are no longer around. Or they are asking for way to much money to keep them up. (for the record I don't get paid for doing these sites. I do them cause I wan't share the joy I feel when I listen to music. So last thing I would like to say is thank you for your support  over the years. And please continue to let me know when stuff is posted that shouldn't be. My God Bless You All Richly.

When a link is down there are three reason:
1) I was asked from Artists to take it down.
2) It's been re-release 
3) Just a bad link.

If it's just a bad link I will try and fix as soon as I can. And post it to the top instead of leaving it where it was. That way everybody knows I'm trying to keep blog updated & fresh.
And if I was asked to take it down I will put the info of where you can get.

Like I said don't know if my sites will be next or not. Hoping that it doesn't get taking down. But if it does i'll be back. Just look for a site that has flipsidem at the begging of it. I will always have flipsidem in the name of the site..

Plus I have a new email address so when questions or something please use this one.