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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Someone needs help with a song??????

This coms from the JM Group;

Someone asked me this question and it's driving me nuts! I can basically sing it
to myself but can't remember the artist! The chorus goes:

""Over The Moon". Anyone heard of it? "Over the moon and the stars in the sky,
up to heaven, up to heaven"" I remember it as a male voice. Kind of an
emotional voice, pretty soft and high.

It used to play on CCM radio in the mid to late 80's. Can anyone help?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bobby Ross Avila - Into My Life

1. Let's Get It Started

2. Sweet Music

3. Guess Who?

4. Let's Stay Together

5. Into My Life

6. Have I Done All That I Can Do

7. What Cha Gonna Do

8. Love and Devotion

9. Don't Be Fooled

10. What Good Is Love (If You Keep It To Yourself)

11. Memories

12. Into My Life (Remix)
1995 Holy Terra Records

download here: Into My Life

Mike-E and the G-Rap crew - Mike-E and the G-Rap crew

Thanks to Cody for this one:

1991 Reunion Records

1. I Rap For The Man

2. 3 + Me

3. L.O.V.E.

4. Housin'

5. I Got Straight

6. Rhyme In The Rhythm

7. Kick The Message

8. Power

9. G-Rap

10. Last Daze

download her:
Mike e and the G Rap Crew

S.F.C. (Solders for Christ) - (A Saved Man In The Jungle, Illumination, Listen Up, and Phase III)

1. Whatever, 2. A saved man

3. Suplex 2 mind, 4. Kacr 1

5. Idiot box, 6. Long way

7. Rominos, 8. Peculiar

9. The verdict, 10. In your speakers

11. The bomb, 12. My alarm - freestyle

13. Honesty, 14. Kacr 2

15. Can't wait, 16. Success

17. 2 Much chemistry, 18. A word from our pastor

19. Jungle message 2 man,  20. Prime time mix

1994 Brainstorm Records

1. Intro, 2. One time - featuring J.T. the Vagabond

3. Illumination - featuring Journey & LPG, 4. C-mode fizzunk

5. Interlude-We can, 6. Respect - featuring LPG

7. The vibe, 8. How I cope

9. Interlude-Mighty gun, 10. Don't nap

11. Make money, 12. Phat

13. Interlude-If I, 14. Existing in time

15. Ladies and gents  

1. Listen up, 2. Drugs

3. No stoppin', 4. Say ya

5. Transformed, 6. You are worthy

7. Dope dealer, 8. It's like that

9. Mr. Brain, 10. This is what he went thru

11. Plain and simple, 12. Brothers and sisters

13. Fully armed, 14. I don't know 

1992 Brainstorm Records

1. Intro, 2. Hoods of good

3. Glory halagroovin, 4. Terror on tape

5. Freedom in captivity, 6. One

7. What we need, 8. Music is my life

9. Phase III, 10. Unity

11. The setting, 12. Kill the spirit - featuring Alliance of Light

13. In the house, 14. Swingin

15. Another one, 16. Skanewpid

17. DJ Dove (The minister of music), 18. 113.3

19. Victory, 20. More skanewpid stuff

Thanks to Cody for these great albums;

dowmload here: All FOUR ALBUM

Petra - War And Remembrance

Thanks to Cody for this one;

Come And Join Us

Why Should The Father Bother?

Yahweh Love

The Coloring Song


Angel of Light

Stand Up

Second Wind

More Power To Ya

Road To Zion

Not Of This World

Grave Robber

Not By Sight

Beat The System

Computer Brains

Clean The Praise Medley (Let Everything That Hath Breath/Without Him We Can Do Nothing/Praise Ye The Lord/Hallelujah Chorus)

Back To The Street

Whole World

Thankful Heart

This Means War!

Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened

Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man

I Am Available

All Fired Up

Hit You Where You Live

First Love

Parting Thought

11990 StarSong Records

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The CMC's - Everyday Death Sentence

1. Everyday death sentence
2. Spiritual warfare
3. It's going down

4. Ain't no party

5. Ain't nuthin' change

6. Eternity

7. CMC's meet OGG's - featuring Gospel Gangstaz

8. Dungeons of darkness

9. S.O.W.

10. All in a day
1996 Holy Terra Records

download here: The CMC's - Everyday Death Sentence

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you know who this can be?

Came across your blog via Electricpsalms.blogspot and thought maybe you could help me track down a song that has been in my head since 1986 or so. At that time I was listening to our local Christian CCM station out of Fredericksburg, VA. I distinctly remember a song with the chorus stating "I'm a suburban man, I keep my doors locked at night, I don't want to believe in Your Word." Those are all of the lyrics I can remember, but to this day I can not forget the tune. I've explored what I feel are all the likely suspects from that era but to no avail. My first thought was that it was a Servant song as many of their lyrics were a challenge against hypocrisy in that vein. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Under God,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Petra - (Live Maranatha Concert 1978)

ADAHL - Roots

I love this album, not only does it sound like Edin - Adahl. It sounds like a mix of Jon Gibson, Bryan Duncan, and Simple Minds. Just some good ol' R&B Soulful Rock..
You can download here:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

John Pantry - Hot Coals

Thanks to Life TheLiving for this one:
You can download here:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Up Date...

Sorry I have not been posting, First My Father is at home from Indonisa. And He not doing very well but praying he gets better. And with the buisness my wife and I started has been taking a lot of work. If you want to see what I do you check out my blog for that (til our web-site is done). But most of all it's my Father, Please Pray for Him, He is a very good Father and Man of God.. Thanks, Johnny

Thursday, July 7, 2011

David Mullen - David Mullen

Thanks to Life TheLiving for this one:
Download Here:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Want list for 2011..

OK here is what people are looking for so far. On the want list for 2011, So check in on and off to see what people are looking for. 
Are list what your looking for:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Various Artist - Summer Slam Sampler INTENSE MILLENNIUM RECORDS


INTENSE MILLENNIUM RECORDS is offering a FREE digital sampler titled “Summer Slam Sampler” which features 18 different tracks from the labels roster of releases as well artists from Roxx Productions and Sullen Records.

Track Listing:

1. Deliverance “Attack”

2. The Moshketeers “Locked in Chains”

3. David Benson “Holy Psychotherapy”

4. Bloodgood “Demon on the Run”

5. Vengeance Rising “White Throne”

6. Exultet “I Soldati della Croce”

7. Hawthorn “Dark Night”

8. Vengeance Rising “You Will Bow”

9. The Sacrificed “Offended”

10. Liberty N’ Justice “Chasing a Cure”

11. Bloodgood “Eat the Flesh”

12. Ransom “Break into Darkness”

13. Ultimatum “Mortal Stomp”

14. Vengeance Rising “Herod’s Violent Death”

15. Elgibbor “Purity and Blood”

16. Bedeiah “Blood Metal”

17. Undercover “Tears in Your Eyes”

18. Eightball Cholos “Predators in the Pulpit”

For more info click here:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Need Prayer? Praise report? or want to Pray for somebody?

If you need prayer you can post a request here.
You can also leave a praise report.
You can also pray for request that have been posted.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rick Altizer - Blue Plate Special

 Got a email from Rick you can get his music at his web-site,
So remember to support the artiste's:
you can get here:

Rick Altizer - Neon Fixation

Got a email from Rick you can get his music at his web-site,
So remember to support the artiste's:
you can get here:

Rick Altizer - Go Nova

Got a email from Rick you can get his music at his web-site,
So remember to support the artiste's:
you can get here: 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Torah - Torah Demo


You can download here:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Electrik - Have U Ever [Very Rare Release]

Thanks to Mr. Australia for this one and new link:
You can download here:
Have U Ever

Electrik - Shine Candy Shine

Thanks to Mr. Australia for this one and for the new link:
You can download here:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Charizma - Demos (1988)

Bo Nikolausson - Bass guitar, backing vocals (1981-present)

Jan Nikolausson - Drums, percussion (1981-present)

G?ran Nikolausson - Guitars, backing vocals (1981-present)

Johan Mauritzson - Lead vocals, Keyboards (1996-present)

Thomas Karlsson - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1996-present)

Note: 1981-1994, lead vocals were performed by Bo Nikolausson. 1991-1994, Johan Mauritzson played keyboards with the band, but was not an official member.

01 Stranger

02 Don't Look Back

03 Hold On

04 Dance Away

05 Take A Fall

06 One Life To Life

07 Guardian Angel

08 Lost in the Night

09 Lay Down Your Life

10 Turn Me On
Thanks to Kingjeste for this great album:
You can download here:

The Mercy Seat - The Mercy Seat Live

Another great one from Andrew Hunt this is a live recording;
  sorry not all songs made it:
You can download here:

Ain't It Pretty/God Loves A Broken Heart 12" Remixes

This great one comes from Hudson Hawk :
You can download here:

Greg and Rebecca Sparks - Field of Your Soul

You can buy there music At:

Giantkiller - Fire Coming Down

Thanks to Andrew Hunt for this one:
01 Fire Coming Down
02 New Jerusalem
03 Someone in My Life
04 Shadow of the Real Thing
05 Holding Out His Hand
06 Darkness in the Cities
07 Oh Brother Man
08 Valley of Decision
09 A Cry Within
10 Not Too Many Tears
11 The Ballad of the Toothless Lion
12 If We Have the Love

You can download here:

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What of The Night - 1979

Would like to thank Andrew H. for this great music. From this Christian punk band from Northern Ireland :
1. Soaked Right Through
2. MTIs
3. Show Me a Love
4. Black Satin Lovers
5. Fighting Solo
6. Dying World
7. Summer Lament
8. Cure For Death
9. The Wall
10. Caught In The Firing
 You can download here:

Altar Boys - Altar Boys

You can download at: 

Steve Camp - Fire And Ice

You can download here:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Looking for NIGHTLIGHT..

NIGHTLIGHT was a TV show that was on TBN back in 82 and 83. It was just as funny as SNL.
I've been looking for a copy of this for years, The Door Magazine had copys for sell years ago.
If you have a copy of this show and would like to make me copy. I would be more then happy to pay for it.
Thanks, Johnny

Friday, May 27, 2011

Randy Stonehill - The Lazarus Heart (reissue)

Born Twice now has in stock the reissue of the classic '95 release from Randy - available from Amazon and Ebay....our Born Twice website is forthcoming....

Please help us support Randy, his ministry, and his music.
peace, Matt



Product ID: BTR7781

Barcode: 845121037029

Packaging: 6 panel digipak with tray / full color

Style: Rock/Pop

Release Date: May 31, 2011

It's no wonder that Randy Stonehill reflects on The Lazarus Heart as one of his proudest moments in a long and accomplished career! This essential Stonehill release features guest musical contribution by an All-Star cast including Michael W. Smith, Phil Keaggy, Gary Chapman, Riki Michelle, Bob Carlisle, Christine Dente', Jimmy Lee Sloas, Gordon Kennedy, Jerry Chamberlain, Rick Elias, Jerry McPherson, Phil Madeira, Cheri Keaggy, Jimmy Lee Sloas, and Charlie Peacock! This 2011 Collector's Edition release on Born Twice Records finds this 1994 release digitally remastered (J Powell of Steinhaus) in a 6 panel digipak featuring lyrics and all new reflections written by Uncle Rand himself for this special release. This is a must-have release for fans of Bruce Springsteen, Phil Keaggy, and Larry Norman.


A Promise Made Is a Promise Kept

I Turn To You

In Jesus' Name

Under the Rug

Remember My Name

That's Why We Don't Love God

When I'm Afraid

Shadow Man

Zurich In The Snow


Lazarus Heart

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Toerags - Nightmare on Sesame Street

The Toerags were a glam rock rock band with a twist from Sydney. With names like: Lemmy Shark, Al Bumm, Pumpkin Fufkin and Mr Bean The Pope of Glam, they were out there. Enjoy.
This was a 7inch record with only two songs on it;
Nightmare on Sesame Street

This comes from Trouble72,
You can download here:

Didn't have a cover so I found this picture on the net and made one. johnny

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

NEWSBOYS - HE'S COMING BACK (Independent 1987)

Not many copy's left.
He's Coming Back is a set of two demo tapes recorded independently by Newsboys in 1987. It was cassette only, and was given out at their earliest concerts. This is a very hard release to find, enjoy while you can. Don't know how long it will be up.

1.He's Coming Back (3:50)
2.Listen For the Shout (3:35)
3.Stand Up (4:20)
4.You're Still There (2:54)
5.Victory (4:21)
6.It's Joy (3:32)
7.Read All About It (4:20)
8.He Died For You (3:40)
This comes from my personal collection.
New link:
Download at:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dan Applegate - listen

This album was Produced by Roby Duke,
It's sound like Roby but yet he has his sound enjoy:
You can download here:

Pieces - Face 2 Face

You can download here:
Face 2 Face

ALTAR - Altar de Sacrificio & Historia Medieval Batalla del Angel y el

Got a email from the band they asked if I would post their albums.
 And as you can I did enjoy it's very heavy stuff:
You can download both albums here:

Little Bobby Emmons & the Crosstones - I Remember

You can download here:

Messiah Force - Demo's

You can download here:

Robin Crow - Finish Line

You can download here:


If somebody has a better copy please share with us, Thanks, johnny
You can download here:

VOYAGER - Security

You can download here:

Voyager - Project One

You can download here:


You can download here:


You can download here: