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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you know who this can be?

Came across your blog via Electricpsalms.blogspot and thought maybe you could help me track down a song that has been in my head since 1986 or so. At that time I was listening to our local Christian CCM station out of Fredericksburg, VA. I distinctly remember a song with the chorus stating "I'm a suburban man, I keep my doors locked at night, I don't want to believe in Your Word." Those are all of the lyrics I can remember, but to this day I can not forget the tune. I've explored what I feel are all the likely suspects from that era but to no avail. My first thought was that it was a Servant song as many of their lyrics were a challenge against hypocrisy in that vein. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Under God,


Anonymous said...

the band you are looking for is September.

Anonymous said...

the name of the September album is Lines are Falling.

John Knopp said...

I don't remember the song well, bit I will rack my brain some more, but do I remember the station... WJOY - 90.5 on the FM dial... loved that station.

John Knopp said...

sorry that is WJYJ, 90.5 FM but they called it 90 Joy

Anonymous said...

You guys did it!!! Within a few days of my original question, you have given me the answer! Yes, the song is "too little time" on the Lines Are Falling album by September! You don't know how cool this is. This search has been haunting me since the late 80's. Now I can die in peace. Well... maybe we don't have to rush it. Yep, WJYJ, 90.5 was the station. I remember winning one of their t-shirts on a call-in. Thanks to "Flipside" Johnny for posting my question on your blog. As a small thank you, anyone interested can still get the official CD reissue of Arkangel's Warrior album on ebay for $9.99 plus S&H. No, I'm not the guy selling them. I just can't believe he's had them available for so long and there not gone. I've been tempted to buy them all, but I already have the original CD plus a copy of the reissue as back-up. Thanks all!