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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boys Club - Demo's

Boys Club - Gym is the one on the left; Rod Learned, the drummer is next; Sim is in the hat; Fred Mac Gregor (bass); and on the right, Jeff Sheets, the keyboardist.
Thanks to Tim he said he found it on net.

Cd #1
1. Never Been Here
2. I Love You
3. Whisper
4. Satisfied
5. Hungry For You
6. Kingdom Come
7. Once Is Never Enough
8. Betrayed
9. Passion On Parade
10. Love And Hate

Cd #2

1. You And I
2. Love Game
3. Land Of Luxury
4. Hope It Never Comes To This Again
5. Here Comes The Fire
6. Time
7. Used To Be
8. White Room
9. We Ride
10. Light Of Day
11. House Of The Rising Sun
12. Crazy

Download here:  Demo Real One
Download here: Demo Real Two

Thanks to daddy-o for the info:
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Anonymous said...

How do you or can you convert m4a to mp3 files?

Anonymous said...

usually thru iTunes you can

David Lowman said...

There are several on line free programs that can do that. I use one called Switch Sound File Converter. I found it the easiest use. Drag and drop the file/s and tell it you want to convert to mp3 and what file to put them in...easy

the_real_mr_fett said...

Does anyone out there have the rest of the Boys Club Demos?

I'm looking specifically for

The Final Demos

The songs are as follows

1.) Light Of Day
2.) House Of The Rising Sun
3.) Crazy

if someone could post the final demos, I'd appreciate it.


Brendan K.

Anonymous said...

They are in the second group listed here. The only one that is in question is House of the Rising Sun because I don't think it is sung in the song. But Light of Day and Crazy are a couple of the last ones on the download.

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload as the links are dead, thank you!

Anonymous said...

any chance to repost these? links seem to be dead.

damen said...

oh my, ive been looking for the you & I, of this for years since cedar springs church camp far too long ago, ive even messaged ojo on his myspace bout it,,,with no luck,,,please repost demos,,,

C/Fe Records said...

I have been wanting to hear these songs for a very long time. Is there anyway you could repost the zip files?

Anonymous said...

please repost demos...thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you... is not enough...