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Thanks, Johnny

Friday, April 8, 2011

L.S.U. - The Grape Prophet

Found out you can buy their music here
So please support the Band buying their music.
Thanks, Johnny


Anonymous said...

Any chance at Michael Knott's "Screaming Brittle Siren"?

chadzwo said...

Thanks for the great music. I lost all of my old cassettes looooong ago, great to have this stuff again. Do you have any Rick Cua? He had a couple of great records back in the day.

Thanks for making it possibel to hear this music again!

Anonymous said...

wow. great album. havent seen this in years and my old cassette is worn out, probably decomposed inside its little box. thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

L.S.U. - Grace Shaker
can you find here:

Patriots Of The Wasteland said...

Hello, I play bass in LSUnderground. Just wanted people to know you can also support Michael Knott by purchasing this album at our Band Camp site here for $9.00! In Flac, MP3, or most other formats. Shaded Pain is also available as well as our new album PTSD. We thank you for the support!
Peace and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

What a cool way to be Josh by stated your post the way you did.............let us (the fans) of Mr Knott and all his bands support him so he can keep making the music we love!

illustrationISM.... said...

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