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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mike Warnke - Alive

Thanks to Life TheLiving for this one:
Download Here:


Anonymous said...

All Warnke is available at his site.

Anonymous said...

Not all of them. I looked, and bought "Jesus Loves Me".
As for the other posts which have the usual Warnke cut-downs and junk I have this to say:
I have seen and enjoy Mike Warnke. He, like all of us have screwed up, but his shows helped me and others to keep on truckin' for the Lord. Cut him down if that is what turns you on, but never forget those words when you fall. What you do will come back on you.

Anonymous said...

No one is saying that Mike was not funny. He is. He blessed alot of people. Alot of people came to the Lord because of him. His "fall" does not invalidate that.

The problem is that it was not a "fall". His ministry had a foundation of lies. Everything above that may have been sound, but without a good foundation, it would fall catastrophically at some time.

Maybe he would have been able to start his ministry based upon his God given talent. But he chose to take shortcuts.

If I lie on my resume and get hired, then later on they check it out and find that it was a lie, I'd get fired. It would be my own fault. This is what happened to him and it will follow him.

I am glad that you were blessed by him. The lies do not invalidate the blessings. But it does destroy trust and will continue to follow him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should have started his concerts with a different disclaimer. Something like, "the following is a combination of message and entertainment. Some of what you are about to hear may be compilations of the experience of others told in the first person, some may be completely fictitious, and some absolutely true, and if you seriously believe that a little boy and his grandfather carried a full sized mule over their heads it will do no good to try to explain which is which to you Mr. Trott."