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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Holidays - Restless Heart

I have this one, does anybody have their first one?
You can download at: Holidays


Mike Sandlin said...

This is such a good album. A true classic! I can't seem to find their other one on CD. Amazon has a link for the cassette but not the CD.

damendarko said...

you talking bout the "everything is now" album"? i have it on cassette also,,wouldnt mind it on cd or mp3 myself,,its a great album, and recorded in record time for a band to walk into a studio and 24 hrs later,,,walla!

damendarko said...

or it might have been 48 hrs later,,,i remember hearing an interview on KCMS eternal rock back in oh,,i dunno? like 1990?

Jim Willis said...

First: I love your site man! Best one there is - keep it up!
Second: The Holidays were my fav band back in the late 80s ever since I heard "True Love" on KLRD radio. In recent years I caught up with a band member who is now in an excellent band (secular, but clean) called "Glimmer Stars" (excellent, sounds similar to The Holidays). Here's some of what he said:

"Dear Jim,

Nice to know you man. What a cool and neat surprise. Thanks so much for the kind words. Your correct on that "Everything Is Now" release: it was our debut and was only available on cass. Only the second (and last) Holiday release, "Restless Heart", was disc.....
The Holidays were a fun band and we did meet alot of great people. We finally called it a day in early '92 (no record deal, grunge, etc.) and I've done a couple of things here and there. The Glimmer Stars are the current trip and we're having so much fun. Marky from The Holidays is the lead guitarist and is still one of the world's nicest men.
Please keep in touch when you can.

Take care and God Bless,

Anyways, I do have the first release burned from cassette -It is the best of the 2 releases in my opinion - it's 192kbps and with artwork if you're interested, let me know how I can get it to you.
(PS I can get you the Glimmer Stars album too if you want a copy)

Rockin' 4 Jesus !

wvpv said...

hate to revive this old thread, but you can download the first album here: