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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sheila Walsh - Don't Hide Your Heart

Another great one from Bill C.


Christopher™ said...

Even when it was first released, this was one of the ugliest album covers I had ever seen. Shelia Walsh is a very attractive lady--even today--but you'd never know it from this!

I hope that art director got fired.

Yashua's Friend said...

This Lp is NOT the right one. It is in fact "WAR OF LOVE" by Sheila Walsh. Please fix the mistake, as "Don't Hide Your Heart" is not here. I wonder where it went??

Friend of this site...

Yashua's Friend said...

This LP is WAR OF LOVE and NOT "Don't Hide Your Heart." There has been an error made here. Please fix it because this was a great LP and I'm sure it's confusing people.

Thanx Johnnymari

Anonymous said...