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Monday, February 21, 2011

IN3D- No Glasses Needed

Thanks to Jeff for the new link: and you can still get it at:


Paul Johnson said...

I wish I could download this great album. I can't seem to figure it out. I emailed Johnny a few times about this one and a couple of others that I would really love to download. If you can help me, my email address is

I used to have this album that got stolen with some others. My name is Paul and I desperately want to download this IN3D No Glasses Needed, it's excellent!!!

Anonymous said...

NiCe :-) thanks

I think I will hang out HeRe all Day...

Ricky H said...

Wow! I just discovered your site. And though I'm a bit concerned about the free download availability of albums that are still in print - it's great to find access to albums that aren't (and probably never will be again).

What a goldmine.

Thanks. And, keep up the good work.

Dennis said...

jezusrocks seems to be gone.

Thanks for your great site.

Andy Bell said...

What a great site - I was just thinking of converting many of my records and cassettes to digital and have even run a few tests.

This is much quicker! Thanks so much.

However, this album in particular (IN3D - No Glasses Needed) from megaupload appears to be a bad file for free and registered users.

Can it be reposted to rapidshare?

Thanks again.