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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sheila Walsh - Future Eyes


Anonymous said...

This is missing two tracks and has one track from her second album on it.

johnnymari said...

What tracks? and do you have them? The album I have come from Enland. So the America one must be diffrant then. Johnny

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the confusion. I don't know that much about the album. I got my information from this site

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Sheila Walsh – Future Eyes

download song order:
01 - Here with Me
02 - Burn On
03 - Love in my Life
04 - Eyes of a Different Kind
05 - You're so Important to Me
06 - Future Eyes
07 - Fear of Silence
08 - Back into the Old Routine
09 - Mona Lisa

official release:
01 - Here With Me
02 - You're so Important to Me
03 - Eyes of a Different Kind
04 - Love in My Life
05 - He Weeps for Our Tears
06 - Future Eyes
07 - Burn On
08 - Fear of Silence
09 - Back Into the Old Routine
10 - Breaking the Ice
11 - Mona Lisa

Jose said...

The download order is the U.S. release on Cherry Lane / Sparrow Records. That's the list on my cassette case (cassette got mold on the tape). He Weeps for Our Tears and Breaking the Ice were released in the U.K., but have never been released in the U.S.