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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tim Koller - Last Days

 Tracks are:

1. Last Days

2. New World Comin'

3. Rock 'n Roll for Jesus

4. Take Another Drink

5. Spiritual Counterfeits

6. May You Get All The Glory

7. The Just Shall Live By Faith

8. The Puzzle

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Katoikei's Jukebox said...

This is probably one of the finest, most natural albums, by a believer. I wish he'd done more. His lyrics are great.

Anonymous said...

Hi, 1st of all, THANK YOU for your website, we greatly appreciate it & all the work you put into it & do enjoy the fruits of your labor.

2nd - Regarding Tim Koller's Last Days LP, which we own & have enjoyed since 1981 & have been waiting for a digital copy, I think you have the Song-list the wrong way around...
It appears you loaded Side B's songs first as 1-4 & Side A's 2nd as songs 5-8, even though you list them they way the Back Cover has them. This gives the songs the wrong titles.

Example: The title cut "Last Days" is listed # 1 but it is actually the 5th song on your download.

Thx again