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Sunday, March 20, 2011

CONTEST - Name this Band from the 80's?

You can win a brand new copy of "Bamboo in Winter". The late Tom Howard did the music for it. The person to answer  first with right answer will win. Send answer to
And here we go,  Have fun johnny

Can you name this band? name of this song and what album it comes from?

Download song here for contest.....

Thought I’d never see your face

I will love you till the end

I will love you more than life

Because you’ve always been my friend

I will love you till the end

And the power of your love

Stirred me deep with in my soul

On the great wings of your life

Has begun to make me whole

It’s begun to make me whole

I will never go away again

I’ll stay in your arms

You will be my life

You will be my every thing

And I will listen to your voice

Your voice

When my lips were cracked and dry

You refreshed me with your tears

You have taken all my pain

And born away my fears

You have banished all my fears

And though I’ve never seen your face

Your alive before my eyes

I can see you on the son

And Your glory is the skies

Your alive before my eyes

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