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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fireworks - Shatter the Darkness

Download at:


Port Royal Sound said...

This album defies comparisons. It's simply a great keyboard dominated pop album. Marty McCall's dramatic vocals give the music an urgent quality. The slower songs are beautiful. The lyrics can be subtle and cryptic at times. My memories of Fireworks are from their live album which was a bit of a crowd please. Shatter the Darkness is different and took me by surprise. Thanks for this post

Paul Coe said...

I agree. Although their actual live performances were excellent. I still remember being blown away by them at a Christian coffee house outside Detroit.

Is there a link anywhere to their first album "Fireworks"?

Rick said...

I really miss hearing them. I used to go to Koinonia Coffeehouse in Nashville when they played.

Hoomi said...

I had Shatter the Darkness on cassette way back when it first released. The tape has long since worn out (played it that much) and been lost. A discussion today got me looking for information on Fireworks today, and I found your blog. Thank you for the download link! It's wonderful to hear the songs again!

Karen said...

I'm so thrilled to find this as I lost my old album many years ago when my mother held a garage sale and inadvertently got rid of some of the albums and books I had stored at her house while I was away at grad school.

This album is one of the CCM classics and still is great to listen to 30 years later! Great music, great message

In listening to the downloaded album, track 1 (Change My Heart) sounds quite distorted, as if the input volume settings need to be lowered. I'm wondering if that could be re-recorded?


Anonymous said...

I was excited about hearing this, but when I clicked on the link, I was prompted for a username and password. How do I sign up for one so that I can log in and listen?



Anonymous said...

I was excited about listening to this, but when I clicked on the link to listen, I was prompted for a username and password. How and where can I sign up for one so that I can log in?


Anonymous said...

Here is first album-

HotDigitalDog said...

I also had this album on vinyl and would very much like to be able to hear it again. I would appreciate knowing the username/password combo for

Thanks for all your excellent postings!

HotDigitalDog said...

Ooh, I found it somewhere else!

and click on multiupload for a compressed .rar file (it is a download, of course!)