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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This was Back in the 80's when my family had a christian TV Station in Placerville.And we used to do Youth Night every Saturday night. I was sent a this tape of a band from San Jose,Ca called SHYNE. Thought the cover was cheeses didn't they would sound all that good. BUT when I played it WOW these guys sound great. They sounded just like what was big on the radio at the time. And I'm not talking christian radio they were up there with Journey, Survivor and The News mixed. I remember later that year seeing them Great America they rock hard. I always thought if somebody would pick them up they could have done what Stryper did. Some might not agree with that but that's how I felt. To this day they are one of my fave bands I listen to. Please enjoy and let me know what you think?


The Music Blog said...

I wanted to ask does it give or can you give the year of the LP and if they had a back cover for artwork just wondering

I.B.Strange said...

You feel about this band as I did about Solid Rock (and again, Thank You Johnny for finding them) back in the day.
I truly believe if it was not for Pastor Bob Beeman and people like Larry Norman, Terry Taylor and the like, we would never have heard a quarter of the great music we have today.

Anonymous said...

A tight and polished pop-rock-synthesizer band. Who is the awesome singer?