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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GIDEON'S ARMY - Warriors of love

1. Moment by moment
2. Its your love
3. Warriors of love
4. No fun
5. I know someone
6. Runaway
7. I know you could see
8. Video
9. Backsliding brother
10. Face to face
Thanks to Bob Joyce for this great album.
You can download at:
I beleive this is the password: ladywinter


Anonymous said...

The archive appears to be password protected. What is the password?

Anonymous said...

never mind i figured out the password on my own.

MusicBringer said...

it's asking for a pw.
Am I missing something.
Please tell me the pword.

David Lowman said...

There is some serious big hair with these first few posts :)

Anonymous said...

It's asking for a password. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

quality is bad so forget pass smile

The Music Blog said...

can you give me the name of the songs in order please i lost them

The Music Blog said...

I was just letting you know the link to this one for the download works but when you try and change the title and song info on your computer it dosent stay it goes back to track numbers and the name of the group as artists