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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weber and the Buzztones - Weber and the Buzztones

I would to thank Michael D. for sending me copy's of the Cassette cover and the inside info: of the cassette.

And would like to thank Bim over at for fixing them up to look like it came from a Cd.

The new download has not only has the album. But also has the covers that Bim made.

So now if you want to make a nice cd cover now you can.

Download at : The Buzztones

Plus would like to add a new cover that I got from Mark. He sent me a email and here is a part of it. this is what he had to say.
The main reason for this email was that I was stunned to see the Weber and the Buzztones EP on your site. Never expected to see that again anywhere! I happen to be the guy who drew the bee/mascot logo for it, and my friend Paul designed the whole package (they even credited us there on the sleeve).


Tom Padilla said...

Here's the inner sleeve

Bim said...

I couldn't download the inner sleeve, Tom. The link doesn't seem to work.


Sixteen:Fifteen said..., where it was hosted has gone down. I'll try to upload it elsewhere. Any suggestions?

Bim said...

You could just upload it to Rapidshare or Megaupload or something similar. Or you could just send it to Johnny and he can include it with the Weber & The Buzztones download.


Anonymous said...

hello everyone, I am spanish and my english is not very good, would you can put the lyrics of the songs "OK" please? I like this song. Great Post, Thank you

Tim said...

Doubt you're still interested after all these years but just in case, here are the lyrics you asked for.

Weber & the Buzztones

An idol is something you place above the one
who made the heavens and the earth,
the brightness of the sun

It might be made of flesh
it might be made of wood
if it matters more than God
it ain't no good

Who is your idol placed above the one?
wealth and power leaving you cold
blocking out the Son

It might be your car
or the place that you stay
but money won't save you
when you to cry out to pray

It's got eyes that don't see
they stare straight ahead
and when you cry for help
you'll be dead