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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Site... " Key Records"

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jeani Bond and I ran a small cassette label in the 80s, it started out distributing other bands like Blackhouse, Crazed Bunnyz and Blue Trapeze. It was called Key Records and I also did some fake radio shows on cassette (available on my website for dl now) which I sent out all over the U.S. and Europe circa '86 & '87. You can find out more info at

I should have my catalog up soon...

I don't have any of the Key Records' releases available on CD yet, but am working on them. The most popular are the Lifesavors "Us Kids" and Labor of Love "Message to the Bands" (this is almost ready, original artwork and a booklet with lyrics)--I have been working with Mark Krischak for 23 years now.

I have alot of the releases that people are looking for. Many of the artists I am playing on my radio show on Live365.


Kyle said...

Excellent station!

nopso66 said...

Thank you for linking to *The Obvious* in your Station Picks section - I've linked to you through my Station page now too!


Klara said...

Hello Jeani,

is it possible to get in touch with Mark Krischak?

Another question: does the website belong to him?

Thanks in advance.

- Klara

Jeani Bond said...

Thanks Kyle!

Steven said...

Hi Jeani,

I had the chance to meet you at Cornerstone (must have been early 90's). I still have my New Generation #5 and #6 tapes! They were my introduction to a lot of great music that I still like to this day. Great, great memories!


Jeani Bond said...

To nopso66--Thanks for the link. *The Obvious* is very unique and highly recommended!

To Klara--I have had my emails to Mark come back recently--I'll post here when I get his new email. The site does belong to Mark but I'm not sure if it's current...

To Steven--Thanks so much for the kind words about New Gen! It was a great time in alt Xian music, and fun putting those together. It's so cool that you still have your copies!

Klara said...

Thanks Jeani. There's some weird content on the site, I had doubts about who currently runs it and owns the domain. Anyway, its better to keep in touch via email, mine is Thanks again.