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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Katy Hudson (Katy Perry) Katy Hudson

I went and head and put this on there because she started in the christian music business before she became Katy Perry. Plus we don't judge on this site. So all I can say is pray for her. Johnny
Thanks to D Lo. for this one,
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Anonymous said...

Okay, and why do we want to put this slut on here??? She is such a role-model for our youngsters---NOT!

Anonymous said...

Wow I never realized that Katy Hudson and Katy Perry were the same person!

Yikes what a difference.

Though some of Perry's stuff isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I thought we "don't judge on this site." That explains why the first anonymous commenter quickly labeled Perry a "slut." There's nothing wrong with that woman. She's beautiful and talented, albeit with a slightly superficial stage facade. Please act like a Christian and treat EVERYONE with love and respect. Let's follow your Savior's instructions and not judge one another. <3

Anonymous said...

Listen, Katy is someones child too. Although she may have some impact on kids these days, their parents should have more influence. And what would your children think if they saw you calling someone a slut? Clearly you weren't thinking about your children at all but about judging a mislead person.Katy Hudson needs prayer and let him throw the first stone that doesn't.

Joel said...

I want to agree with the last Anonymous, and add also that some of the other commenters are coming dangerously close to judging the state of her soul. Currently she's making a name and a lot of money with a bad-girl image (which I'm given to understand is not entirely reflective of her personality, but that's neither here nor there), but her past and her future are both in the Lord's hands. His mercy is always bigger than we expect. it's possible that she was a good Christian girl who got seduced and is now lost; it's also possible that this is temporary and she will be a monument to His greatness. I'm sure not going to try to second-guess God.

Thanks for posting this album. I had just read about her Christian music history recently and was curious to hear how she sounded.