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Sunday, March 21, 2010

C I A - C I A (6 song ep)

Thanks to Jeani B. for this one,
you can download at:


Leif Andersen said...


It's me once again.

CIA, the file is 33MB and the file I download is 33MB, but there is only the first 6 songs in there. the second side songs are not.

Am I doing something wrong?


Toomey said...

Side Two is just the repeat of Side One.

Jeani Bond said...


This is a Cass EP, maybe it was a promo copy? If you look closely on the cass sleeve, it says that Side 2 is the same as Side 1. I'm not familiar with the entire LP. Does anyone know which songs are missing?

Anonymous said...

cool...looking forward to this..... only heard one song on a MRC What's Shakin' lp.

Leif Andersen said...

Hi ...

Thank you for the information.

I did look at the scanned cover .... BUT it was unclear and I only saw side 2, but not what it said.

Thank you again.


Garland said...

Used to own this cassette back in the day. There are only 6 songs on it. After all these years the first three songs stick with me. Ordered it from MRC.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm, side 2 and side 1 are the same. I have the original still. Nice stuff.