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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Click Kids - Are Comin'

This one only has nine songs.
1) Happy Christians
2) Fugitive from God
3) King Jesus
4) Crying in the Garden
5) Run Samson Run
6) Been A Lot of Changes
7) One By One
8) Gospel Train
9) More Like Jesus


Anonymous said...


anybody got a track list?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my eyes.....
Thanks alot Johnny !


yahwehfrk said...

According to the Archivist, the name of the album is actually "The Click Kids Are Coming". It says that on the banner right behind the plane.

Oh and yeah, thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I luckily happened to buy the vinyl re-release "God in the Garage" by Gabriel's Trumpet Records and The Knights of The New Crusade, whatever the publisher may be. It includes the Click Kids Are Comin' album as well as Misa A Go-Go Panameña by the students choir Coro Colegio Javier of the Jesuit High School, Panama, from 1967. Included is also a furious single El Ritmo del GoGo/El Grito de los King by a Peruvian band Delai Alamos from the end of the 60s I guess.

The lengthy, non-signed linernotes mention two interesting things:

First is that "The 'Click' stands for Christ living in Christian kids, and living a live testimony for a living Christ..." (from the back of the Click Kids LP).

The second is that the Vatican probably "had a record label that put out a handful of 45s" in the 60s. Anybody can confirm this?


Anonymous said...

The Archivist list 11 songs for this album. From the list I have the missing songs are 7 & 10. the list here is right till 7, 7 and 8 are 1 number higher and the 9th is accually 11

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I'm looking for those same 2 songs.

Anonymous said...

Hope this works.....some Click Kids stuff...

Anonymous said...

the third track was called 'Heaven'. 'Happy Christians' is actually called 'We're Happy Christians' on the label of the lp. I dont know how to do picture links but I have a jpeg of one side of the lp on my photobucket account, user name yanianyan if anyone is interested. The Click kids also have a myspace page, it's excellent. Worth checking out. It even has a couple of demo/rehearsal track to listen to. Cheers.

triple0 said...

I've fallen in love with this record from this post -- so much so that I bought an original on ebay (sealed, mint). And discovered the tracklist and track names are incorrect for this file. According to the back of the vinyl:

1A) We're Happy Christians 2:37
2A) Fugitive From God 3:07
3A) Heaven 3:14
4A) King Jesus 2:13
5A) Crying in the Garden 2:27
1B) Run Samson Run 2:44
2B) There's Been a Lot of Changes 2:35
3B) More Like Jesus 2:45
4B) One by One 2:20
5B) Gospel Train 2:00

triple0 said...

I took a photo of the tracklist from the record for proof, after I realized my authority might be questioned...

johnnymari said...

If you open it can you make us a better copy for the blog? Thanks, Johnny
P.s. I was going to bid on this album but had something happen to were I was not around a computer to bid. And I think I would have won. But to the one that one Yea!!