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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Servant - Swimming in a Human Ocean


Anonymous said...

oh no way!! i am so pumped!!


Apologia said...

Since their early albums have recently been released on CD, I would think this one may see the light of day. Nice of you to post this copy in the meantime.

johnnymari said...

If they ever do release it again that would be great. And if they want me to take down I'll do that to. Like I said before I only like to list music out of print.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting this album alomg with "light manuvers". By any chance do you have any "Daniel Band"? Been looking to replace my messed up "rise up" cassette.

Christopher Orczy said...

This is such a great album. I can't believe I have ignored it for so long. Idiot snobbery on my behalf! Sorry to be a picky ninny, but is it possible to get this one retransferred? The sound is a bit flangey. I really appreciate all the time you go to do this for us, and hate to ask, but this one with a better sound would be so cool. Thanks for all your work.