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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Peter Shambrook - Peter Shambrook

1. Reflection Of Jesus
2. Clouds Of Thunder
3. But For You
4. Walk Away
5. The Naked Man
6. Jungle Drum
7. Through The Ages
8. On Main Street
9. Ain't Too Late
10. When It All Comes Down

1991 Frontline Records

You can download here:
Peter Shambrook

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Broderick Rice - The Preacher's Son

Thanks to the one that sent the track list: 

1. J-oy 2. Comedy Bits 3. Why Do You Break My Heart I 4. Why Do You Break My Heart II 5. Comedy Bits 6. Jesus Will

You can download here:
The Preacher's Son

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I know I have not done much posting. Just had a lot stuff going on and still going on. But as you know music that I have on here has or is going to be re-release for sell. And as everybody know that from the start of this blog that I said I would try and not put stuff up that is still in print. Are if it's going to re-release I would take the links down and let people know where they can get the album. And I feel we have done a good job at that. With that said what I decided to do was just start a new blog altogether. One main reason it makes it easier to for me. There are a lot of albums on here, that the links or dead or have been or going to be re-release. So instead of taking down and re-linking I'm just going to post at new blog site. But I will be taking down the bad links and the re-release stuff. I will keep this blog up but most likely keep mainly the rap and r&b, and gospal on it. So I will still have a want list for that style only. But I will have a want list on the new blog for everything else. and remember if you want to share music please do. Just remember that it needs to out of print. With all that said I would like to THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SHARED THIS SITE WITH ME.