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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bobby Ross Avila - Into My Life

1. Let's Get It Started

2. Sweet Music

3. Guess Who?

4. Let's Stay Together

5. Into My Life

6. Have I Done All That I Can Do

7. What Cha Gonna Do

8. Love and Devotion

9. Don't Be Fooled

10. What Good Is Love (If You Keep It To Yourself)

11. Memories

12. Into My Life (Remix)
1995 Holy Terra Records

download here: Into My Life

Mike-E and the G-Rap crew - Mike-E and the G-Rap crew

Thanks to Cody for this one:

1991 Reunion Records

1. I Rap For The Man

2. 3 + Me

3. L.O.V.E.

4. Housin'

5. I Got Straight

6. Rhyme In The Rhythm

7. Kick The Message

8. Power

9. G-Rap

10. Last Daze

download her:
Mike e and the G Rap Crew

S.F.C. (Solders for Christ) - (A Saved Man In The Jungle, Illumination, Listen Up, and Phase III)

1. Whatever, 2. A saved man

3. Suplex 2 mind, 4. Kacr 1

5. Idiot box, 6. Long way

7. Rominos, 8. Peculiar

9. The verdict, 10. In your speakers

11. The bomb, 12. My alarm - freestyle

13. Honesty, 14. Kacr 2

15. Can't wait, 16. Success

17. 2 Much chemistry, 18. A word from our pastor

19. Jungle message 2 man,  20. Prime time mix

1994 Brainstorm Records

1. Intro, 2. One time - featuring J.T. the Vagabond

3. Illumination - featuring Journey & LPG, 4. C-mode fizzunk

5. Interlude-We can, 6. Respect - featuring LPG

7. The vibe, 8. How I cope

9. Interlude-Mighty gun, 10. Don't nap

11. Make money, 12. Phat

13. Interlude-If I, 14. Existing in time

15. Ladies and gents  

1. Listen up, 2. Drugs

3. No stoppin', 4. Say ya

5. Transformed, 6. You are worthy

7. Dope dealer, 8. It's like that

9. Mr. Brain, 10. This is what he went thru

11. Plain and simple, 12. Brothers and sisters

13. Fully armed, 14. I don't know 

1992 Brainstorm Records

1. Intro, 2. Hoods of good

3. Glory halagroovin, 4. Terror on tape

5. Freedom in captivity, 6. One

7. What we need, 8. Music is my life

9. Phase III, 10. Unity

11. The setting, 12. Kill the spirit - featuring Alliance of Light

13. In the house, 14. Swingin

15. Another one, 16. Skanewpid

17. DJ Dove (The minister of music), 18. 113.3

19. Victory, 20. More skanewpid stuff

Thanks to Cody for these great albums;

dowmload here: All FOUR ALBUM

Petra - War And Remembrance

Thanks to Cody for this one;

Come And Join Us

Why Should The Father Bother?

Yahweh Love

The Coloring Song


Angel of Light

Stand Up

Second Wind

More Power To Ya

Road To Zion

Not Of This World

Grave Robber

Not By Sight

Beat The System

Computer Brains

Clean The Praise Medley (Let Everything That Hath Breath/Without Him We Can Do Nothing/Praise Ye The Lord/Hallelujah Chorus)

Back To The Street

Whole World

Thankful Heart

This Means War!

Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened

Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man

I Am Available

All Fired Up

Hit You Where You Live

First Love

Parting Thought

11990 StarSong Records

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The CMC's - Everyday Death Sentence

1. Everyday death sentence
2. Spiritual warfare
3. It's going down

4. Ain't no party

5. Ain't nuthin' change

6. Eternity

7. CMC's meet OGG's - featuring Gospel Gangstaz

8. Dungeons of darkness

9. S.O.W.

10. All in a day
1996 Holy Terra Records

download here: The CMC's - Everyday Death Sentence