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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dirk Firkel - O Holy Night

I did not know this was Dirk so here it is right from the source...


Anonymous said...

This was done by a vocal instructor at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, USA and recorded in one of the schools studios. It was done as a joke. It represents all the terrible techniques used in pop music to relate passionate a vocal.

Anonymous said...

But if this is "Dirk Firkel" (see the Bim Zone site), this is a holiday GEM!!! (I cannot see this at work... streaming media blocked...)

Merry Christmas adn Happy New Year to all!!!

Anonymous said...

The singer is Steve Mauldin. He recorded it as a joke one night back in 1990. It found its' way to the internet around 2006. Steve just came forward last year and admitted it was him. A couple years prior, I attached the Dirk Firkel name to it and the cartoon image. However ... it is Steve Mauldin ... and he's aware of the Dirk character. Either search for him on YouTube .. or check out the Facebook page at (!/pages/Dirk-Firkel/191060709035)

Bim (creator of the Dirk Firkel character)