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Thanks, Johnny

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The new want list..

As a effort to clean up the site, I'm starting a new want list I'll keep a link for the old one so you can see if there anything someone is looking for. That you my have. Plus I will also put one up if you have what someone wants. So a want list and one where you can post something if you have it. Now remember I'll only post things on the blog that is out of print are until I'm it's coming back out.
Thanks, Johnny


Anonymous said...

looking for Boys Club demos, please.

Peter C. said...

Love to see some Five O'Clock people. I've never been able to track down their early stuff, Tripping the Spindley Distractive or In the Bleak Midwinter.

Lee67 said...

Hi, I'm looking still for Adrian Snell's MIDNIGHT AWAKE.
Thank you very much in advance.

Anonymous said...

Peter C., BUMMER! I sold their first 2 CDs (which I bought from them directly at a concert with Mike Roe at George Fox U in Newberg OR) at a garage sale this summer.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for anything Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart

Rigoberto said...

Anything of Reba Rambo's solo projects as well as The Archers.

Egbert Monsuur said...

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful christian music.
When will there be a reunion tour or a festival of all these great christian artists?
I'm looking for records of John Pantry and Karen Lafferty. Where Cn I find their CD's?

notmanbig said...

The Call - Scene Beyond Dreams
Mylon Lefevre - Brand New Start
Windy Lyre - Windy Lyre
Zion - Behold the Man (old Rich Mullins)
and, (very long shot here) the unreleased Chagall Guevara album/demos

Anonymous said...

There is one band I wish very much someone can help with. They were from Oklahoma on a small label and went by the name "Solid Rock". They put out two albums that I know of and should have been way bigger than they were. Trust me, songs like "Time goes by" were unreal good, and "Blind Lead The Blind" still goes through my head after over 20 years.

esau said...

I am looking for 90's music from:
Ancient Of Days (Ohio?)
Reflescent Tide
The Strawmen

Anonymous said...

The Reps - Bad Boy At School

õ¿õ said...

I just posted Reba Rambos The Prodigal over at

Pinecone Ally said...

i have the five oclock people album nothing venture... but that might still be around....

Anonymous said...

1) Dan Kelly - The Crowning Of A Simple Man (former 'Ark member)

2) September - September First

3) Robin Crow - Finish Line

4) Dave Fullen - I'll Keep An Eye On You

5) Billy Squires & Sherry Zimmerman - Pillars Of The Assembly (comedy)

6) Dan Pratt - The Six O'Clock Apocalypse (comedy)

David Lowman said...

Johnny - would you mind adding to the blog roll. I've "expanded a bit" to count down the top 500! :)

Anonymous said...

Any of these would be great:

Greg and Rebecca Sparks-Sparks
Julie Miller-Invisible Girl
Painted Orange
Larry Bryant-Silent Movies
Tonio k. - ole'

Anonymous said...

How about The Violet Burning - Strength

Anonymous said...

I have and can share:

Wayne Watson: New Lives For Old
Wayne Watson: Workin' In The Final Hour
Salmond & Mulder
Chris Christian
Steve Archer

How do I get these to you?

Alex said...

Jamie Owens - Laughter In Your Soul / Love Eyes
Phil Keaggy - The Master and the Musician
Poor Old Lu - Sin
Larry Norman - Letter Of The Law / Labor Of Love

Anonymous said...

I am still looking for the song Gospel Beat-Adam And Eve by Pete McSweet.

dashneal said...

Greg Shelley - He's The One

Matt said...

You can find the original version of the Pete McSweet song here (called "Jesus Christ (The Gospel Beat)"):

"Jesus Christ (The Gospel Beat)" was later remixed and re-released as "Adam and Eve (The Gospel Beat)"

You can also find another rare early rap single by The Rappin' Reverend called "I Ain't Into That" (1987) here:

GO Canucks!!! said...

Anything more by the virtuoso known as Phil Keaggy.

Anonymous said...

These are all ones that I own cassette tapes for, but would love to get on MP3 put on my Ipod.

Acappella Vocal Band - Steppin on a Cloud
Acappella - Conquerors
Acappella - While the Ages Roll On
John Michael Talbot - Beginnings
Roby Duke - Not the Same

Anonymous said...

letter of the law, labor of love + invisible girl you can get @ (ex- jezus rocks)
to get an invitation you have to write to

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the following>

Streetlight (1983)

Tami Gunden- Celebration (1983)

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for Portrait of a Spirit - 1991 - various artists.

Jeremy said...

I have Poor Old Lu "Sin". I will upload it this evening and send the link

Jeremy said...

Poor Old Lu- Sin

lloyd said...

Boys Club Demos links Daddy-O posted in '09 are gone now in the Old Want List. Does anyone have them?

Jor said...

I'm looking for anything by PfR (Pray for Rain) - particularly the hits album, "The Late Great PfR"

Roopster said...

Randy Matthews - Randy Matthews (1980) contains "Small Circle of Friends"

Anonymous said...

A band from late 80's or early 90's, I think called The Stand. Don't remember name of album, just had a version of Amazing Grace I'd like to hear again. I'll check back.

Timosing said...

I am looking for Tribe of Dan Shook up Shook up.
Know anything about getting it? I have it on cassette and it won't be the easiest thing for me to record it digitally.

Dennis said...

Looking for:
John Rydgren: Contata for New Life
Willoughby Wilson Band: Torn

Anonymous said...

This isn't a "want", but information. Cornerstone Festival is planning a "Jesus Music" celebration this summer, featuring Phil Keaggy, Barry McGuire, Randy Stonehill, Sheep, and more.

Read about it here:

Anonymous said...

Ipso Facto

Does anybody out there remember them? They had a 4 track EP?? I can't find any info ANYWHERE. The label was TPRW(?)

I think the song titles were:
Multiple choice
Who Will you Blame?


Charles Baker said...

I am looking for two Mike Johnson albums: The Artist-the Riddle and More than Just An Act. I cannot find mp3s of these two albums anywhere.

Timosing said...

Still looking for Tribe of Dan Shook Up Shook up. Anyone ever hear of them?

Anonymous said...

looking for Brutha War Bebe-Tearz Of War?

James Morovich said...

If you could repost/fix the link to LSU's "Fallen Angel" that would be great!

The link that is up on the post links to the Aunt Betty's album.

Thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Egbert Monsuur's post from last September said he was looking for Karen Lafferty music. I didn't see that this was answered. I have two of her LPs that I have ripped to MP3. I would be able to share these. If you would like to add them to the blog, let me know.

Sweet Communion (1978)
Life Pages … Love of the Ages (1980)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous' post from October 7, 2010 5:45 PM said he/she was looking for music from Sparks and Larry Bryant.

The Sparks have their discs for sale at their site:

Larry Bryant also sells Silent Movies and The Artist on one disc at his site:

I have Julie Miller's invisible girl. I would be able to share it. If you would like to add it to the blog, let me know.

David Lowman said...

Looking for...

September - First

Ulf Christiansson - In My Dreams

John Knopp said...

Any chance in finding Lesson of Love by Ashley Cleveland?


Bob said...

It would be awesome to see

Manna - Calling You
Hank Laake - How Laake Can You Get
The Keep - Never Surrender

These three are the last Tunesmith releases that have not been posted between you, John, Joe and Ancient Starsong. Thanks!

Rick said...

How about Swirling Eddies - "Sacred Cows"?

Anonymous said...

I have also been looking for VA - Portrait of a Spirit - 1991 - on Pakaderm Records. I would love to have this in my collection again.

Anonymous said...

How about a group called "One Accord" - they had a GREAT song called "Dance Like David"

abby said...


I am looking for the following albums.

Michele Wagner
Michele Wagner (Self Titled)
Safe Place
Heart of the Journey

Erin O'Donnell
Scrapbook of Sorts
Scratching the Surface

Jamie Owens Collins

Straight Ahead
Time For Courage
Laughter in Your Soul
Love Eyes
Gift Of Christmas



anonymous said...

I'm looking for the album "Old School Tracks" from the band Hyper Static Union. All I know is that it was released in 2003 (according to Wikipedia).

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the following albums (MP3 192) :
"Scuba diver" Dwight Twilley
"1" Nicol & Marsh
"Rhythm of the swing" Sean Tyla
"Dazzling display" and "My midnight" by Steve Wynn
"Goodbye Joe" & "Down in eartquake town" by Russ Tolman
"Don't play innocent with me " Susan Marshall
Thank you all in advance

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm looking for the following albums :
"Scuba diver" Dwight Twilley
"Goodbye joe" and "Down in earthquake town" Russ Tolman
"Rhythm of the swing" Sean Tyla
"Dazzling display" and "My midnight" by Steve Wynn
"Don't play innocent with me" Susan Marshall
Thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

I would love to find some John Michael Talbot music, since the Little Portion Hermitage burned and they lost all the originals, buying the complete collection is no longer possible, but I'd love to collect what I can.


Daniel said...

Looking for:

Larry Norman:
-Stop This Flight (the one w/ bonus tracks)
-Rehearsal for Reality (ditto)
-'Butterfly' and 'kulderachna' (bonus tracks from an old release of So Long Ago...)
-'Righteous Rocker #2', 'I Don't Wanna Lose You' and 'If God Is My Father' (from Starstorm)

Mark Heard:
-Victims of the Age

The tribute 'Orphan of God'

Charlie Peacock:
-Love Life

Rich Mullins:
-The World as Best as... Vol. 1

Steven Curtis Chapman:
-The Great Adventure

Edwin Osorio said...