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Friday, May 6, 2011

Petra - Washes Whiter Than

You can download here:


Pete said...

I apologize for making a negative comment, but this is a bad album. Easily Petra's worst. In fact, I obtained a "two-fer" CD, with the albums "Never Say Die" and "Washes Whiter Than" on it. I love the album "Never Say Die", but felt that the inclusion of the album "Washes Whiter Than" diminished the CD's value, at least, in my peculiar way of looking at things! Don't be too offended by this comment, anyone reading this, Petra's great!

Bro. John said...

Got to say..... In my view; each erly Petra album has it's own unique beauty. It's very much like a piece of Tiffany Art Glass. One may like the reds or blues better than the browns, but all the colors are needed to make the picture complete. If there is one album that might merit a bad review it would be their 1st ... The self titled Petra {Bad vocals/bad production}. Even that early effort had it's bright moments. The great thing about the "Body Of Christ" is that every member can have the liberty to be be edified in the way best suited to their own tastes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I realize this isn't Petra's best album. I also don't think it is the band's worst album. Petra's worst album might be the first one, the sand castle Petra album. "Come and Join Us" is also a pretty weak to poor album. I downloaded this from this site earlier and it seemed to only have two songs. I'm going to try again. I have "Whiter" also on vinyl.