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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lifesavors - Us Kids

Us Kids has been re-rlease both the Key Records version of it and the M8 version on CD plus a download for the Key version. All info about it is at


lloyd said...

i just discovered your great blog! i've been trying to learn about the early new wave christian bands & your site is awesome! do you know of any posts regarding Lifesavors' album "Dream Life"?
thanks again!

Anonymous said...

This blog has been removed

David Lowman said...

I actually have the LP of the band that Mark Kirshack, the original lead singer of the lifesavors, put together after this release. they were called labor of Love. they actually got some limited airplay on the famous KROQ in So Cal

Pete said...

I was totally pumped when I brought this home from the Christian bookstore in 1981. I loved the music, which for the fast songs sounded like a cross between the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, and I loved the lyrics, which had such a clear evangelical fervor. Even if the theology was sometimes questionable (i.e. "Take Me Over" - "...and when my life is over, I'll become a part of You".)