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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Mercy Seat - The Mercy Seat Live

Another great one from Andrew Hunt this is a live recording;
  sorry not all songs made it:
You can download here:


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thank you for this live set. When the Mercy Seat album came out, they did a tour & amazingly enough, played my hometown (Dayton, OH). I was fortunate enough to see them play that show. The audience wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but I loved it!

Pete said...

I remember some Christian magazines were somewhat critical of the Mercy Seat because of Zena's miniskirt! Not exactly the world's number one problem in my opinion.

Tim said...

Yeah, I remember that miniskirt issue too! I remember some of them saying it was a joke band from Gordon Gano b/c 'everybody knows he's not a Christian' or something like that. Anyway I bought it and the style surprised me, esp considering the source, but they grew on me. Now I only have the J-card from the tape but not the actual tape so I'd love to get that back somehow...

Anonymous said...

thanks for this album bro.

Mr. Australia.