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Monday, November 24, 2014

Good News S/T

Open The Gates
Speakin’ The Unknown Tongue
Wine Of Astonishment
He’s Not In Heaven
Handwriting On The Wall
Old Soul, Young Soul
I’ll Sing This Song For You
I’m A-Losin’ My Mind
Hope Ofl The Hopeless
Ballad Of William Penn
Friend Of Friends
Song Of Mary Magdalene
A Million Worlds
Good News

1970 Columbia Records

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East of the Altar - S/T

On A Day Like Today 
Two Worlds  
Preacher Man  
Can I Trust Him With My Life  
I May Never Pass This Way Again  
There's A Love  
Coming Home To Jesus  
Suffer The Children  
Show Them The Way

1977 Altar Records

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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Please be aware that I have a new email address. My other one was hacked so I was not able to get all my mail. Sorry if anybody was trying to get ahold of me and I didn't respond. Now you know why I didn't. So here is the email address you can write me at.

Geri Baird - Cool Age

Super Heroes
Backside Of The Desert
Cool Age
Somebody Love Me
Taking Baby For A Ride
Living On Broken Hearts
Just A Heart
I Know

1980 Newborn Records

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Cool Age

Bob & Joy Cull - Windborne

Sail Away
The Good Ship
Your Way
Treasure Island
Only The Beginning
There's A Harbor

1979 Chalice Music 

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